The speed of the laser spot has to be tuned closely with the start speed of the skater. The laser spot may not go not too fast or too slowly. By means of LPM datas of starting skaters during games the acceleration has been analysed for skating.


Linear acceleration


The most straightforward kind of simulation of the start acceleration is through a linear ascending speed. But as you can see in the graph below (graph 1: Dotted line ) the skater will quickly pass the laserspot. The simulation can also be cut in three different pieces to match the real acceleration. This simulation was tested in Thialf, but again the skater passed the laserspot and lost sigth of it. The linear acceleration is only used in LTSport for an acceleration between two segments.


Graph 1

Exponential acceleration


The LPM recordings shows us that a skater starts his acceleration fast, then after that the acceleration will decrease until the skater is at his desired speed. This characteristic is like a exponential formula, thus an exponential formula will be a better match for the speed of a skater. As you can see in graph 2, the exponential approach of the acceleration used in LTSport fits better than the linear formulas.


Graph 2